Deep Environmental Sample Processor deployment video

Recently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) released a video from the July 2011 deployment of the Deep Environmental Sample Processor (Deep-ESP). The video was taken while the Deep-ESP was deployed at the ASHES hydrothermal field. The ESP version used in this deployment was designed to withstand the environmental challenges of a deep-ocean deployment (e.g., extreme temperatures and increased pressure). Prior to the development of the Deep-ESP, researchers relied on simple machines to retrieve samples from great depths. These samples were then transported back to a laboratory for analysis with results unknown for many weeks. With the Deep-ESP, the real-time, onsite analytic capabilites of the ESP are available in extreme ocean environments.

As highlighted in the video, the Deep-ESP is comprised of the following:

  • A pressurized, temperature-controlled housing;
  • The core ESP and qPCR technologies for molecular sample analysis;
  • An exchangable external battery pack to extend the duration of a deployment;
  • A remote sampling wand capable of withstanding extreme temperatures experienced near and in hydrothermal vents (up to >300° C/570° F); and 
  • A module that collects and depressurizes sea water before delivering it to the ESP.  

Enjoy this audio-free video. (If the video is not visible, please refresh your browser window.)

The Deep-ESP brings the onsite, real-time analysis of water to the ocean deep. For more information about the Spyglass systems and qPCR test kits, see visit our website or contact one of our knowledgeable staff at (831) 883-9838 or

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