Sensor Technology


Long considered the premiere chemical analysis tool, the ion trap mass spectrometer provides on-site, real time identification and quantification of chemicals. The MANTA provides the highest level of performance in a compact, easy-to-use field mobile mass spectrometer system developed for use in or near bodies of water. It can be configured for simple operations or configured to utilize additional problem solving features of advanced analytical instrumentation.


The Porifera serves as a robotic sentinel sampler that can work 24/7 by capturing and preparing samples for analysis back at the lab using your trusted procedures and instrumentation. The Porifera is ideal for sampling areas of concern for chemicals, biological (microbes, larvae) or particulate matter over extended periods of time. Samples can be captured, prepared, preserved and archived by the fully remote programmable sampler, then transported to a lab for offsite chemical or biological analysis using your customary procedures and equipment (mass spec, microscopy, spectroscopy, genetic techniques, etc.)

SE 300

The SE 300 Portable Bioreaction Monitoring System is a handheld thermally regulated fluorometer/luminometer. Powered by USB or wall outlet, bioreaction parameters are PC controlled and users can view real time response data via curve or raw data tables using our proprietary SE 300 software (included with unit purchase). The unit has been primarily used for NASBA reactions, which run at 41C, but the reaction chamber temperature can be adjusted on the fly for other isothermal methods. The standard unit is configured for dual channel FAM (495/520nm) and ROX(586/610nm) molecular probes, but can be custom configured to meet your specifications.