Spyglass Web Portal

The Spyglass Portal is an online tool for planning missions and phases of ESP deployments and analyzing the data and images generated by ESP. It is a complete online solution for monitoring the real time status of ESP and functions as a aid for researchers to perform valuable analysis of ESP generated data. The Spyglass Portal is an online system that lets users manage the complete life-cycle of a particular deployment.

Features and Specifications: 

General features of the Spyglass Portal:

  • Import data from supported instruments, such as ESP, CTD and Mass Spectrometer
  • Import historical data from OPeNDAP data sources
  • Real-time monitoring of data sources
  • Visualize data with interactive tools such as line graphs, histograms, scatter plot matrices, and horizon charts.
  • Export interactive visualizations that collaborators can embed in their websites
  • Control access to your data, and share select results with collaborators

ESP-specific features of the Spyglass Portal:

  • Automatically calculate organism cell concentration from SHA images
  • Automatically detect and remove background noise in SHA images
  • Create instrument deployment control scripts through a GUI or a text editor
  • Simulate an instrument deployment to test syntax and logic of command scripts 
  • Upload and manage Sandwich Hybridization Assay (SHA) images
  • Manage SHA Gene Array Layout (GAL) files
  • Create and manage standard curves for interpreting organism cell concentration from SHA images 
  • Upload and manage instrument diagnostic data and log files
  • Search log files for specific events, keywords or time
Application Area: 
Drinking Water
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