Underwater Mass Spectrometer (UMS)

Whether configured for fixed mooring, down boreholes, or as an autonomous vehicle payload, the Spyglass UMS platform is a powerful analytical tool for a wide range of applications including hydrocarbon mapping, environmental assessments, leak detection, energy exploration, industrial process control and other operations requiring high fidelity real-time analysis of the chemistry of water resources. 

This Spyglass platform has been proven to detect benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes (“BTEX”), methane and other volatile organic compounds, light hydrocarbons, dimethyl sulfide, noble gases, dissolved oxygen (dO), dissolved CO2, and other compounds of interest, at low concentrations. 

 For a complete overview of performance capabilities, please contact our technical specialists or an authorized Spyglass agent to discuss your specific requirements. 

Data Planning & Management: The Spyglass software allows users to define the frequency of testing, specify protocols, and determine sampling parameters. The Spyglass Web Portal aggregates data in a centralized online repository for subsequent visualization and management through secure web connections and user accounts.

Patented Technology: The UMS system incorporates technology described in U.S. Patent 6,744,045 and is available exclusively from Spyglass under a license granted by the University of South Florida. Spyglass has an exclusive agreement with SRI International to incorporate additional enhancements to this patented technology into the Spyglass product portfolio.

Features and Specifications: 

Data Management & Visualization

  • Chemical concentrations and contextual data is aggregated and visualized via the Spyglass Web Portal platform
  • Standard Reporting Software utilizes familiar Windows® platforms to meet your ease of use requirements
  • Custom reporting packages are possible for environmental and toxicology applications

Membrane Interface

  •  Modular Membrane Design accepts different membranes for application-specific classes of molecular compounds
  • Standard Diameter Capillary Columns make for easy replacement of consumable materials
  • Electronic Flow Control provides precise and efficient injection and constant flow capabilities

Vacuum System

  • The UMS is up and running quickly after routine maintenance 
  • High efficiency vacuum at the lowest possible cost
Application Area: 
Solution Type: 
Sensor Technology