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Spyglass Technologies Receives Exclusive License to Commercialize SRI International’s Underwater Mass Spectrometer

SRI International and Spyglass Technologies, Inc. have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to commercialize SRI’s in situ membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) technology.

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GTI and Spyglass to Develop New Platform for Managing Microorganisms in Oil and Gas Industry Operations

Gas Technology Institute (GTI), a leading research and development organization serving energy and environmental markets, and Spyglass Biosecurity, Inc. (Spyglass), a clean technology company specializing in delivering high-fidelity information on water quality via real-time sensor networks, have announced plans to jointly develop a new portable, automated water laboratory platform for monitoring biocorrosion and gas souring.

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Lack of water testing turns a triathlon into a duathlon

"It is with great disappointment that we have to cancel the swim for Sunday's Sprint and Olympic Distance races." This message came to me the day before I was scheduled to compete in the San Jose Metro Triathlon last month. The race director stated that they were canceling the swim because the water conditions did not meet the requirements needed to allow swimming by the State of California's Department of Health standards. The organizers of the race believed that this was the best course of action because they could not subject the athletes to water conditions that are potentially detrimental to public health.

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The Aging Infrastructure of US Drinking Water

With much of its 1 million miles of pipes reaching end of life, the mounting costs associated with the repair of the U.S. drinking water infrastructure needs to be countered with innovative solutions in funding and technology. This need was highlighted when the American Water Works Association delivered sobering news in the form of its report, Buried No Longer: Confronting America's Water Infrastructure Challenge. This report states that over the next 25 years the cost of repairing the existing infrastructure will reach upwards of $1 trillion dollars and this figure is only to maintain current levels of service. Other highlights from the report include:

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Why Water Quality?

As a company and as employees, we at Spyglass are often asked why create a company dedicated to water and the information about its quality. Aside from a significant business opportunity, we believe the quality of water affects the quality of lives—domestically and globally—in both the short and long term.

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Deep Environmental Sample Processor deployment video

Recently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) released a video from the July 2011 deployment of the Deep Environmental Sample Processor (Deep-ESP). The video was taken while the Deep-ESP was deployed at the ASHES hydrothermal field. The ESP version used in this deployment was designed to withstand the environmental challenges of a deep-ocean deployment (e.g., extreme temperatures and increased pressure). Prior to the development of the Deep-ESP, researchers relied on simple machines to retrieve samples from great depths. These samples were then transported back to a laboratory for analysis with results unknown for many weeks. With the Deep-ESP, the real-time, onsite analytic capabilites of the ESP are available in extreme ocean environments.

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We are extremely proud of how our customers and commercial partners are leveraging real-time sensors for managing water resources and advancing research objectives. As our customers share their successes with us, we will highlight those achievements for the benefit of our user community.

Customer Highlights:

Chris Melançon, Co-Founder & CEO

Since 1993, Chris has served in leadership roles for emerging businesses focused on life sciences and information technology. Chris leveraged his engineering degree and MBA initially at Citigroup and through the inception and subsequent acquisition of a business-to-business e-commerce company in 2000. Prior to founding Spyglass Biosecurity in 2007, Chris led a line of business at Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies, where he promoted a comprehensive program for delivering Early Warning Systems for biological surveillance. Chris holds degrees in mechanical engineering, applied physics and business.

David Fries, Co-Founder & CTO

David was an original member of the Center for Ocean Technology at the University of South Florida. He is the original author of USF’s MEMS Program and Principal Scientist on multiple sensor technology programs. He is co-founder of Intelligent MicroPatterning, LLC. He has 32 issued patents, 6 pending and has over 60 publications in oceanography, analytical chemistry, medical technology, biotechnology, engineering, microtechnology, electronics and robotics.

Paul Janecek, Ph.D., Chief Information Architect

Paul joined Spyglass in early 2011 after completing a 6-year professorship at the Asian Institute of Technology.  He holds degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, and his expertise in data visualization and human-computer interaction is the driving force behind Spyglass’s water knowledge strategy.  Prior to beginning a career in academic research in 1995, Paul worked for Intel Corporation and flew helicopters for the Army.  Paul Janecek and Chris Melançon began working together over 20 years ago as roommates at West Point.


Spyglass has assembled a world-class team of strategic partners to deliver autonomous and semi-automated platforms for protecting the environment and accelerating research initiatives.

To learn more about partnership opportunities or other collaborative efforts, please contact us.